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I’m not your average, dime-a-dozen blogger, nor am I just a technical writer who churns out dry-as-toast white papers. I write clever content that helps technology and software companies grow an audience and bring in customers—even if you don’t have an email list or a single lead, and even if your salesperson is so bored they spend most of their days playing Solitaire. 

Here are a few results I’ve helped my clients achieve: 

  • The email and case study I wrote brought in a $500,000 to $1,000,000 lead with one of the largest life insurance companies in Canada.
  • I was responsible for all the messaging, copy, and content that generated $16 million in sales opportunities and 800+ marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for a B2B enterprise software company.
  • I wrote a thought leadership piece that landed my fintech client in TechCrunch.
  • I wrote content for a webinar promotion that netted 200+ MQLs, a quarter of the company's sales opportunities for the entire fiscal year.  
  • I collaborated with a Fortune 500 U.S. company with $6.4 billion in annual sales on their content marketing efforts for 3+ years. 

Does your content elicit an encyclopedia level of excitement at best? We can do better. Together, we'll craft content that warms hearts, opens wallets, and makes you look as good as James Bond driving an Aston Martin. Request my portfolio to get a taste for what we can achieve together.